Water Resource Management: our essential guide to water resource management objectives, policy & strategies

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Our essential guide to Water Resource Management. Climate change and human activity mean we are facing a challenging task in an unpredictable environment.

Water management today is not what it was five, 10 or even 20 years ago. Challenges such as climate change coupled with the effects of human activity mean those responsible for managing water resources have a more challenging task on their hands in an even more unpredictable environment. As a result, private and public stakeholders must collaborate to help develop ways to manage water cycle collectively, as a whole. Water resources management enables the effective management of water resources across all water uses, disciplines and even boundaries. The following article will provide everything you need to know about water resources management: what it means, objectives, drafting policies and more.

What is water resource management?

Water Resources Management (WRM): Where teamwork makes the dream work

The UN states that Water Resources Management (WRM) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is an empirical concept which was built up from the on-the-ground experience of practitioners. Although many parts of the concept have been around for several decades - in fact since the first global water conference in Mar del Plata in 1977 - it was not until after Agenda 21 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 1992 in Rio that the concept was made the object of extensive discussions as to what it means in practice.

The IWRM principles adopted at the International Conference on Water and the Environment in Dublin, Ireland, in 1992, are known as the Dublin Principles.

These principles were later summarized by GWP:

“Integrated water resources management is based on the equitable and efficient management and sustainable use of water and recognises that water is an integral part of the ecosystem, a natural resource, and a social and economic good, whose quantity and quality determine the nature of its utilisation.”


Learn More: https://www.aquatechtrade.com/news/aquatech-news/water-resource-management-essential-guide/#.XT3XYvya0Ts.mailto

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