10 Ways to Improve your Digital Presence

This post helps a small business to focus its efforts on reinventing your business via online website/platform. The article gives helpful hints such as redesigning website, focusing on action that will improve your website, creating video/ visual content. Overall, very helpful hints to improve the website.

If you are a firm leader or have been tasked to improve your firm’s digital presence, this article is for you.

This year we’ve been undertaking a large project to categorize and enrich the data we have on all of our member firms in preparation for an updated firm finder for the community. Our research has shown us that clearly, the top firms in our community have some of the best sites on the web! They understand the power of a highly searchable, SEO-optimized, content-rich website to promote their work and attract new clients.

What also became apparent, though, is that there are many member-firm sites that are definitely out of date. The reason seems fairly clear from our research. Many are old HTML or Flash sites that are very difficult to maintain or are either very expensive or require high-level technical skills to update.

There are many free software options available today that allow you to do your own website building. Here are 10 tips to help you leverage free and accessible resources and help you formulate a successful digital strategy for your company. Read full article here.


Jan Deliz