Multi-Energy provides comprehensive environmental consulting services for both the public and private sectors.

Environmental Consulting.png

The diagram above presents a graphic representation of our environmental consulting services. The general applications for such services are as follows:

  • Strategic Environmental Planning

  • Regulatory compliance advice

  • Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance (EHS) Audits and Trainings

  • Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Environmental Site Assessments

Performance of Phase I and II environmental site assessments, regulatory compliance and site characterization/soil and groundwater studies. Our team will determine whether any potential contamination or other environmental conditions exist that may warrant further investigation. Any conditions of concern are fully characterized and quantified in terms of risks to present and future property owners. In the event that contamination is discovered, the costs for requisite remediation solutions are estimated based on our experience in remediation and knowledge of cleanup technologies and standards.